Our Culture and Approach

Our principles are the cornerstone of the Gradability way of doing things. They describe ‘how’ we do things and are therefore a building block to our culture and how we make it real:

Do what actually works

To make a difference in this world you have to be willing to do what it takes to achieve the right outcomes. To bravely challenge and change what is accepted if it isn’t working. You must focus obsessively on the outcomes rather than the effort. You must courageously smash through roadblocks, innovating and rapidly adapting to achieve what you believe is right.

Belief is not enough

Nothing ever changed with belief alone. Belief is important and powerful, but without aligned action, nothing changes. Committed and purposeful action powered by strong belief is unstoppable. Action requires taking first steps with a willingness to fail, learn, adapt and try again. It takes relentless effort, determination and commitment to realise what you believe in.

You can’t do it alone

A revolution may be started by one person but it takes many to make it happen. It takes people who are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with a total commitment to each other and the whole. Where the diverse capabilities of the individual are harnessed and amplified by a fully aligned team, with individual and group accountability for outcomes.

How good is this!

There is nothing better than knowing you have done good. You have made a positive difference. You have been good to others. It is something to be truly proud of. Something to celebrate and enjoy. And something to be grateful for.

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