Digital Credentials

Gradability is the first and only company that provides recognition of your soft skills after completing Professional Year program components.
Performance Education (PE) has been offering Australia's #1 Professional Year Program for decades.
And our mission has always been to improve the employability of graduates through our program, combining invaluable professional training with real world work experience.
Under our Gradability brand, we are now offering a much shorter version of the PY Program, without migration points and open to many more disciplines besides IT and Accounting, but still with the professional training and real world work experience. It’s called the GAP Program – find out more about it here.

For all of our students, in the Professional Year Program and GAP Program, our main objective is to help you be successful and launch your career in Australia.


And that’s why we are now issuing Digital Credentials – so you can showcase your soft skills and stand out from the crowd.

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital Credentials focus on a particular area of study and on completion allow you to showcase your achievements and skills with a digital badge.

Which soft skills do we accredit with Digital Credentials?
As part of your Professional Year program with PE, you can earn 6 Digital Credentials that will certify you for the below soft skills:
  • Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Social Intelligence
  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Written and verbal Business Communication
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Agility, Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Cultural Awareness in the Workplace
  • Digital Literacy and Resilience


Our research has shown, that the skills listed above are the most in demand soft skills in Australia in 2023 and beyond. Being able to demonstrate that you have proficiency in these skills, you will gain a real advantage over other candidates.


What does it mean for you?

Whether you are one of our Professional Year students, or completing the Gradability Accelerator Plus Program, you develop and demonstrate essential soft skills in your various training modules.

Upon graduation, you will receive your digital badges via email, together with information on how to share them across your social profiles.



What should you do when you receive your Digital Credentials?

Share your digital badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, your email signature and in over 300 other ways.

Show it to the world! Digital Credentials are a great way to showcase your soft skills to potential future employers on all the digital platforms you’re using. Soft skills are incredibly important when you are applying for jobs and when you have a digital credential to show, you basically have a trusted organisation confirming that you have developed and demonstrated certain skills throughout your training with us.