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We see a world where every graduate has the skills and opportunity to pursue the career of their choice, and we deliver this through a relentless commitment to giving students an employability edge through learning and industry connections.

Since 2008, we have partnered with over 11,000 host employers across Australia to help 35,000+ graduates start their professional careers through internship programs.

And the benefits are mutual!


If you are considering hosting an intern, check out these top reasons why Gradability is the first choice for Australia’s leading organisations:


  1. Connect with the latest talent
    Connect with the latest talent pool with up-todate knowledge, fresh eyes and new perspectives. The internship is essentially a 3-month interview process where you can assess if the intern would be the right ‘fit’ for your business. Especially in this competitive labour market, internships are a great way to pipeline your graduate talent pool.
  2. Streamline your recruitment process
    We have placed 35,000+ students with our Host Employers and have a dedicated team of specialists who will assist you with finding the ‘right’ intern.
  3. Staff development
    Giving your team the opportunity to mentor an intern is a really positive and valuable way for them to gain managerial experience. If your team member has expressed an interest in developing their leadership skills, mentoring an intern for a short period is a great way to give them that opportunity.
  4. Increase your business productivity
    An intern can help make your business more productive by supporting your full-time team with side projects and potentially freeing them up to accomplish tasks that require a higher level of expertise.


Working with us

At Gradability and Performance Education, we pride ourselves in making the process of hosting an intern easy and straight forward for you. Here is how it works:



Hosting an Intern with Gradability - Infographic



FAQ About Hosting Interns

If you are thinking about hosting your first intern or considering working with Gradability we are sure you’ll have some questions. Here are the most  frequently asked questions and if you have any other queries, please reach out – we’d love to help you become a Host Employer.

What is required of a Host Employer?

Vocational placements are all about giving a bright, young person their first professional workplace experience from which they can launch their career. As a host employer, you are required to meet certain criteria to ensure the placement is appropriate and meaningful. This includes involving the student in work related and observational activities relevant to their area of study and providing relevant supervision. Whilst there is no expectation to employ a student beyond the placement, many companies choose to.

What level are these students?

Our students are both undergraduates and graduates of Australian Universities who are keen to apply their technical learning in the ‘real world’, get a better understanding of the workplace, and enhance their practical experience.

What can interns do?

Interns come with up-to-date knowledge and fresh new ideas which they are excited to apply in a workplace setting. By involving interns in meetings, projects and providing shadowing opportunities relevant to their field of study, you are helping to develop Australia’s future workforce and enhancing our economy. To learn more about intern capabilities, please contact us via

Can I host more than one intern?

Absolutely – many of our host employers choose to offer placements to more than one intern at a time. You will need to ensure you have physical capacity for multiple interns and can provide the appropriate amount of supervision, and work related and observational activities relevant to the students’ area of study.

How do I operate an internship program for my business?

We have worked with over 11,000 host employers across Australia – so our experts are more than happy to guide you through this process and help ensure that the program is as successful as it can be.

Can my intern sign a confidentiality form?

The Training Agreement provided to all interns and host employers has a detailed clause around confidentiality which all interns must sign. If you require an intern to sign an additional confidentiality agreement to further protect your business, that’s not a problem.

What if I want to hire my intern?

If you wish to hire the intern after the placement, your company may do so and there is no recruitment or transfer fee payable. The intern will become a regular employee and will need to be paid accordingly.

Why should we source an intern from Gradability?

We are glad you asked! There are lots of things to consider when taking on an intern and it is important to ensure that any placements meet the requirements of the Fair Work Act. All of Gradability’s interns are undertaking formalised training opportunities which are delivered within our RTO quality assurance framework and in alignment with the Fair Work Ombudsman guidelines on vocational placements. Gradability makes connecting with graduates easy. We take special care with identifying and understanding yours and the student’s goals so we can match the right intern to you.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our existing Host Employers have to say about us and our Interns



Here's why companies work with us

We have worked with the team at (Gradability) for several years now and they have always been professional, efficient and the students are of high calibre.

Cluster Director of Human Resources, W Brisbane

The commitment, drive and self-motivation our interns have demonstrated is a testament to the (Gradability) team. I really enjoy the opportunity to mentor the interns we take onboard and see their skills develop over the 3 months.

Senior Manager Salesforce

Hood Sweeney has happily hosted (…) interns with Gradability and we have found it a professional and easy-to-use process. We have hosted quality candidates, some of whom have impressed to the point where we have been able to offer them opportunities for permanent employment within our business. We would recommend this service to any employer who values the professional development of interns.

People & Culture Manager Hood Sweeney

(Gradability) reliably provides an outstanding service in placing students with our organisation. The placement process is consistently managed well and high-quality and committed students are provided. We have partnered with (Gradability) for a number of years now and are consistently delighted by their excellent communication and service.

HR Coordinator, Civitas Group of Companies

Gradability made the whole process easy and seamless, and the intern was a great fit. After four months from starting with our Company, the intern progressed to a full-time employee who continues to strive within the organisation.

People and Culture Coordinator, Complexica

This sounds great! I am interested – what happens next?

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