Apurva Khemani, Data Scientist from India

Gratitude brings Abundance   Meet Apurva Khemani, a data scientist from India and a former student of Gradability’s Professional Year Program (offered under the Performance Education brand). Apurva is now working as a data scientist at Technology One and generously giving back through her #AskApurva initiative to help other migrants facing similar challenges. In this

Esha Khosla, Director at TNW Solutions

From India to Australia: Building a Successful Career in Financial Planning   Join us on the Employability Podcast as we delve into the fascinating story of Esha Khosla, Director at TNW Solutions, a prominent financial planning firm in Melbourne. In this episode, Esha takes us on her remarkable journey from India to Australia, sharing insights

Solomon Ebomah, ICT Customer Support Officer from Nigeria

Believe in yourself and take action   In this podcast episode, the host, David Phua, interviews Solomon Ebomah, who migrated from Lagos, Nigeria, to Australia in 2018. Solomon pursued a Master of Business Information Systems at Torrens University and later undertook a Professional Year Program with Performance Education, securing an internship with Resthaven, a not-for-profit

Mark Saunokonoko, Senior News Reporter at Nine

Embrace Diversions   Mark Saunokonoko, a senior news reporter at Nine and the creator and host of the number one true crime podcast, “Maddie: Tracking the Case of Madeleine McCann.” shares his diverse background, including living in New Zealand, London, and the UAE, and his experiences founding a beverage startup. His non-linear career path has

Rajish Aryal, Program Manager for SBS Radio from Nepal

Keep learning   Rajish Aryal, Program Manager for SBS hails originally from Nepal and migrated to Australia to study media. Certainly not the most common choice amongst his friends and colleagues, but the challenges he faced as an international student on arrival in Australia remained the same: finding accommodation, a job, a support network and

Nick Bhasin, American Author & Writer

There’s more than one way to be happy in the world!   Join your host, Gradability CEO David Phua, as he talks to Nick Bhasin. Nick is an American writer, author and cultural commentator now based in Sydney. He writes about culture and parenting and his first book “I Look Forward to Hearing from You”

Building Professional And Social Networks

If you’re asking yourself how you can start and develop your networking skills, we’ve got some tips for you.   The most common suggestion by a lot of professionals is: PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! and SHAKE SOME HANDS! (Or, wait for the other person to offer their hand in today’s social climate) but you’re probably

Lawrence Nguyen, MD at Mediconsul Group, from Vietnam

Have you recently moved to Australia and are starting out with your professional career?     If so, you’ve come to the right place! Listen in to our second season of The Employability Podcast in which your host David Phua, CEO of Gradability, talks with a number of guests who have been in your shoes. They